TESTIMONIALS FOR MGN-3, Benefin, and Skin Answer

Date: 11/12/2000

"My mother is now alive and vibrant again after finding MGN-3 and SkinAnswer for her huge and quickly advancing skin cancer located on her scalp.  She took 5 shots of chemo 3 times per week (mostly on her head) plus radiation for over a year.  These treatments almost killed her.  Her chemotherapist, when asked on our very first visit to him about taking  vitamin supplements to help my mother's overall health, replied, "you mean those pills you just pee out of your system?"  I have yet to understand why so many people who have sworn and studied to protect our health are so ignorant and in fact malicious.  I know it's all over money and power.  How disgusting.  I suppose their actions, or lack thereof, to really protect human life will be explained to the Lord on Judgement Day.  How sad for them.

When my mother first started her chemo treatments we (by the Lord's grace) convinced her to take IP6 and Essiac tea plus many supplements to "shore" her up for the poisonous treatments she was about to receive.  These natural substances kept her alive while the poisons were ravaging her body.  When she finally started taking MGN-3 her condition changed for the better rapidly, but still she was not really making a great recovery.  I reread the suggested amount for an imbalance in the body and she begain taking the 4 capsules 3 times daily and even her doctor was blown away with her improvement.  We then ordered her 2 tubes of SkinAnswer.  That was the end of her doctor's huge income off of her!! He was shocked at her improvement almost overnight.  She has not had to have any shots or radiation now in over 2 months.  He sees her every three weeks and looks at her in amazement as he and the other doctors have told her that they saw no way for her to survive her deadly form of cancer.  May the good Lord have mercy on the souls of the medical professionals, pharmaceutical power mongers, and any political person who takes away this freedom of choice to save our lives and the lives of our loved ones with these natural substances."

Name: Feliks G.
Date: 2/28/2000

"I have only one example of how MGN-3 helped to fight cancer, specifically prostate cancer and I don't need more examples, because it was my farther who had that. I am stressing 'had' because he is now virtually cancer free after being treated with MGN-3.  If he waited for the FDA approvals (if any) I'm afraid the worst could have happened.

I think that people with such deadly deseases cannot wait and should be given a chance today as they may not have the one tomorrow or whenever FDA approves (or not) a remedy.   And if even there is a danger of some remote complications due to taking the drug it is not the case for the people with cancer who just do not have the time for those theoretical complications to come."

NAME: Shirley P.
Date:  2/15/2000

"I was taken to the hospital on a Sunday in Sept. 1995 with pain in my right arm. My blood pressure was so high from the pain; I remember nothing until I woke up in Richmond, VA at Johnston Willis Hospital after surgery. I was told they took out my gallbladder.  I was also told that my liver had absessed and when the doctor removed the gall bladder the top of my liver exploded (doctor's words).  I was bleeding to death on the operating table.  The doctor had to pack me and close me up. They gave me blood, (3 pints).  A week later I had to be opened up again for the packing to be removed. I had a lot of infection through out my system.  They were losing me again. I went thru a hell on earth. They told me I was dying. They had done all they knew to do.  I begged to go home.  I didn't want to die in the hospital.  With tubes all over me I came home with the doctor telling me I would not make it. i needed to stay in the hospital with pain medicine.  My doctor took my case to a doctors conference, but no good news came of it. They all said that they didn't know what to do.  Many doctors have seen me since Sept. 1995. All saying the same thing: they didn't know what to do; but, to give me medicine for pain to make me comfortable. I laid here in my home for months. I also went to Duke University to a liver specialist.  He found two spots on my liver. They have been drained 4 times, But nothing seems to help.  A woman that I knew, Frances Butler, had a brother that passed away because of cancer of the Liver.  She had ordered him the MGN3 pills, but he did not have time to take them for he passed away 3 weeks to the day that he found out that he had it.  She asked me if I would just try them.    I didn't think that anything would work but I had nothing to lose.  My pain I could not describe, everyday.  My body and mind were weak.  I knew I didn't have much longer to live.  I started the MGN3 in May 1999.  I took them as directed and also started on natural juices. Two to three months later I was up and around, doing house work a little at a time, taking walks, even riding my lawn mower cutting the grass.  This is Feb. 2000 and I can do what I want.  I feel great.  I now take two pills a day.  I have another chance to hire.  I want to say thanks to all who had a part in getting my MGN3.  I Would also like to thank the people responsible for taking the time to research and make MGN3 possible when there was no other hope; I feel whole again.  Most of all I thank God I am alive and doing fine."

Name:  Belinda Dickerson
Date: 2/12/2000

"I was interested in more information about MGN3 and came upon an article on the internet.  I would like to say that I have a friend that had been given up by doctors for there was nothing else that they could do for her. She was diagnosed with Liver Cancer. She had a prescription for morphine; her refills were unlimited. She was having to go to the doctors every 6 months or so to have her liver drained knowing that this could not continue much longer.

She lived with pain and was not able to bend or even touch her ribs with out it being so tender and painful. She started on May of 1999 taking MGN3. September of 1999 she went back to Duke University Hospital and had them to run a sonogram and to do more test. She had good results, knowing that she was better anyway but wanted the test to back it up. She had to go back in January of 2000, and they told her that she just needed to keep doing what she was doing and that the spots she had previously were all gone but one little spot. They wanted to do exploratory surgery but she stated that she was not going to go through anymore surgery knowing that she was getting better.

Today, it seems that we can't catch her at home. She has days that she gets tired but she's so much better than she once was.  She's willing to see anyone that has cancer; to let them know about MGN3. I also must tell you that when I saw her in such bad shape then, and now; There is so much difference in her. I can't hardly believe how she has improved and I have seen it with my own eyes. I do believe that MGN3 is a prime factor for her rejuvenated health. When I saw that you were backing Lane Labs, and that they were having this struggle with the FDA. I felt that maybe this testimony would be an  encouragement to keep up the good work. A lot of people around us are very thankful for this alternative medicine and are willing to do what we can to help.  Thank You for your stand in this."

Name: Vince T.
Date: 10/16/2000

"My father in-law was diagnosed with lung cancer and han a 2cm x 2cm tumor behind his heart and was given 2 months to live.  He was given a palliative dose of radiation and was sent home with no hope. My wife Lisa and I heard of Benefin and decided to try it.  After about 2 months to the surprise of his doctors the tumor was gone. He received a second dose of radiation for some enlarged lymph nodes in his lungs.

Unfortunately the radiation treatment he received was so close to his heart that it caused the sack around his heart to constrict and, due to the fact the doctor taking care of him was under the impression that he was dying of lung cancer, he did not take any major steps ( Remember he had only 2 months to live, at this time the tumor was gone) to help him. My father in law died a month later cancer free.  He died because due to the constriction in the sack around his heart his body was showered with blood clots which actually went to his lungs and killed him.

As far as I'm concerned Benefin shrunk and eliminated the cancer in my Father-in-law and helped him more that the supposed experts. I think the FDA should spend more time investigating the 1000's of diet pills and chemically engineered treatment as well as the real dangers with RADIOACTIVE therapies than trying to eliminate compitition for the big drug companies who will stand to lose millions of dollars to a natural cure that really dose work, is natural with no real side effects. I think the major drug companies have sucked enough money out of the world for cancer research with no real success. Why try and eliminate a product that can really help people. If the FDA thinks your misinforming people, why haven't they done any testing.  Are the major players not willing to do the testing or are the major drug companies that OWN the FDA afraid of what they will find?"

Name: Senga M.
Date:   5/12/2000

"My mum was diagnosed with primary peritoneal carcinoma in October.  She has sailed through her chemotherapy as a result of using MGN-3, Benefin & Immunofin.  Her oncologist is astounded.  She has now been given the all clear and wishes to  continue with these products.  This action (The FDA harrassing Lane Labs) is morally wrong.  It is taking away people's right to choose and could cost people their health."


I believe MGN-3 has enhanced my health and thats an understatement!
Roderick K. Peet, Westfield, MA (granted permission)

I have been using MGN-3 for about a year now. MGN-3 has helped boost my immune system and is a very important weapon in my arsenal.
Barbara Mah, CA (granted permission)

I was constantly taking days off. I tried various drugs and natural supplements with mediocre results. When I started taking MGN-3, I was delighted to find that it really did make a difference. I have more energy! It is the most effective natural supplement I have come across without any negative side effects.
Michael Bailey, Powell, Ohio (granted permission.)

An esteemed friend of mine consulted his doctor only to learn that his white blood cell count was 28. The doctor
recommended one MGN-3 per meal and within 60 days my friends count elevated to 78
Richard Wiseman, Chicago, IL (granted permission)

"I sincerely believe that the MGN-3 and shark cartilage has been most beneficial in helping me with my health. Thank you for your persistence in developing these life-saving supplements."
Jan Stevenson, Rio Rancho, NM (granted permission)

I have supported my health by regular use of MGN-3. I believe this is an excellent product that will protect me.
George A. Trollope, Lake Saint Louis, MO (granted permission)

I have been taking MGN-3 for one month and I cannot believe the change in my energy. It is unbelievable. I have taken many things for 20 years, but nothing like MGN-3.
Vicki Woods, Palm Desert, CA (granted permission)

After only a few doses of MGN-3, I noticed a significant improvement in my health. I like this product because it is completely natural and does not cause any side affects.
Norbert W. Gaskin, La Mesa, NM (granted permission)

My husband has been using MGN-3 and it helps keep his immunity system strong.
Betty Hosford, Carnford, NJ (granted permission)

MGN-3 has been a God send for our brother since we added MGN-3 to his diet. We take MGN-3 just to keep our immunity up.
The Wiegman Family, Middle Village, NY (granted permission)

I went from 185 lbs to 135lbs. The doctors put into the hospital for 4 days giving me various tests. They proceeded to tell me that they found nothing wrong. I then decided to go the natural route, and started myself on MGN-3. After 6 weeks of taking MGN-3, I can eat whatever I want. I also went from only being able to work 2 hours a day to 6 hours a day. I stopped losing weight, and Im feeling stronger everyday. I know it was the MGN-3!!!
Bill Baily, Austin, TX (granted permission)

My doctor gave me the written literature on MGN-3 to see if I wanted it as part of my regimen. As a masters level licensed Occupational Therapist, the published medical literature made a difference in my choice. I began MGN-3 and its made a HUGE difference in my life.
Joy Andrews, Black Mountain, NV (granted permission)

I am writing in regard to natural food supplements such as herbs, vitamins and minerals. In combination, these help us to build up our immunities. Your product MGN-3 helps people without side effects. Lane Labs has done a wonderful job.
Rose Shim, Collegedale, TN (granted permission)

I take MGN-3 and have been promoting this product with enthusiasm, faith intuition, as well as the facts. MGN-3 is crucial to the future of mankind. That time is now!
Maria Gomez, Burbank, CA (granted permission)

I choose to reestablish the balance in my body. I choose MGN-3 as the main ingredient in rebuilding my internal balance. At my age of 77 years, I am most appreciative to your company for giving me the tools to balance my own life again.
Norbert J. Schommer, MT. Vernon, IL (granted permission)

Ive taken MGN-3 everyday for the last 3 months. I believe your product has helped my immune system. Im satisfied with MGN-3!
Kenneth Hathaway, Milford, CT (granted permission)

My 84 year old husband wanted to go the natural route. He changed his diet to a vegetarian regimen and we added your product MGN-3. Now hes feeling great. We recommend your MGN-3 to all our friends.
Shirley West, Alva, OK (granted permission)

Thank-you LaneLabs from the bottom of our hearts for this wonderful product MGN-3. Keep it coming!!
Sandi Brydges, Big Pine, CA (granted permission)

I was told about MGN-3 by a neighbor of mine and started taking it immediately. Now I have more energy and my appetite has increased dramatically. I can go about my normal daily routine. I dont ever remember feeling this well, not in my entire life!!
Lora Tandy, Fort Scott, KS (granted permission)

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